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"We’ve had the pleasure to work with Laura London both in person and in an online capacity at Clearleft and she has been utterly brilliant in every way. 

Moving our in person events online has been an interesting challenge and we wanted to find a way to offer engaging entertainment as well as little moments of lightness throughout our conference. 

We worked with Laura to deliver two online shows and a range of short pre-recorded tricks, all of which added moments of fun, intrigue and a fair dash of her own blend of glamour to our event!

Laura is a complete professional, she went above and beyond to plan the details of the show and helped us figure out the technicalities of how to deliver the live elements of the show. Not only did she perform, but recorded, edited and came up with tech innovations to bring the close-up magic to life for an online audience. 

And in terms of performing…as a live performer Laura is show-stopping, and to translate that into an online format was staggering, the expressions of delight and disbelief of our attendees were total proof of what a great addition she was to our line up!


Having had the opportunity to work with Laura in different formats in the past (including a creative session for an FMCG company) we hope to also bring her skills as a lecturer on her craft into our future events. 

I would highly recommend Laura London as a huge asset to any event and a total joy to work with."


Sophia Hill, Clearleft  July 2020

"Laura has been a fantastic truly professional member of our lockdown entertainment team. She offers over and above what is asked of her and is the top 5 most requested by our customers."

David Roberts, Engine Creative / Jagermeister August 2020

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